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ZAT Paperback

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How to Survive the Apocalypse and not Freak Out 

Richard Flentge, Author, inventor, podcaster, and researcher takes a realistic approach to events occurring over the last 20 years, focusing on evidence-based connections between biblical text and apocalyptic current events; pioneering thought getting readers to entirely new paradigms.


His first book: ZAT How to survive the apocalypse and not freak out covers a wide range of conspiracy theory subject matters including: Solar system creation, Moon theory, space discoveries, comets, Area 51, reptilians, news media, alien encounters, and the subject of space communication contact.

 ZAT WAMBE compiles wisdom, advice, motivation, beliefs and encouragement; and includes in depth prayer process and Universe survival laws.

Both handbook1, 2 are a must read for anyone truly interested in End Time facts. Written to keep you informed, free from anxiety and fear as the Apocalypse unfold around you.




His 20 years of research as an End time expert point readers in the        direction: we are not alone in space.


Do you have questions about the End Times?

Do you watch the news every night and wonder what the heck is going on?

It’s the Apocalypse! and nobody  is talking about it. Why? “they” don’t want you to know

Find some answers, find some peace of mind, get the truth with Richard Flentge’s books and products

Clear solid answers connecting the Bible text, science and current events to the world YOU live in.

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Zat is an essential handbook for living in the End Times. Satan, Lucifer, the Antichrist and the mysterious reptilian are exposed as the threat they are. As to the vision of where zombies come from, Richard gives a surprising answer. Zat covers a wide territory of ideas: from the origins of life, the formation of the solar system and other space encounters in a concise book.  Zat fills in the pieces the media coverage is missing! Danny H

Extremely powerful message touching on multiple problems plaguing our society. Richard really knows how to captivate his audience and keep you interested page after page. Would highly recommend this book along with all his other work if you truly want to understand current events. Brandon L


 Extremely powerful, informative and entertaining. Everything a book should be. A wonderful book for anyone who has questions about the End Times.

Sue Vogelsanger author,Cookin’&Talkin’, columnist for the Banner Press









Zat is careful to point out today’s simple acceptance of the rules and laws that are forced upon our daily lives. The book includes an explanation of the efforts to withhold the truth about other life in space. Zat clearly points to the fact that Earth is a part of a bigger universe and the system that God created. Zat is a must read for the believer and nonbeliever alike. Troy Rutherford



Reading Zat was fun. It single-handedly solves all the mysteries small and large for me. – Good job.

All topics mentioned, space, aliens, really smart scientists, chimps, reptilians, mammals, and dinosaurs intrigued me. You could see the author's passion about these topics. The book contained bits of invisible evidence like luscious breadcrumbs left for the reader. I enjoyed many of the stories. Don Sahli

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