Magnet km-4713

Magnet km-4713

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Perfected by God: 

Smart science guys make up hypothesis after hypothesis about the Moon and the Earth. One theory is the giant impact theory. This theory states the Earth’s Moon is an unnatural satellite for a planet the size of our Earth. It is too large with too much gravitational pull. Astrophysicists know that the Moon’s and Earth’s size would not allow them to align in a perfect orbit. It could have a much higher chance of colliding or passing by not falling in a perfect arrangement. The Moon is clear evidence there are outside forces acting on objects in this solar system. A plausible explanation of the Earth-Moon relationship is; it was organized, set to precision orbit with conscious, meticulous thought. 

God hung the Moon, evidence, showcasing his handiwork. The Moon is proof; God has gravitational space power, the ability to pull objects in space. No scientist on Earth can refute that statement, nor can he come up with a plausible explanation to debunk it.

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